Caterpillar Stage 2 Injectors 6 Pack

Stage 2 injectors are for the driver with high expectations. These work well in the 3406E, C15, and C16. Stage 2 Injectors will add between 100-150hp with stock components. We recommend a stage 3 turbocharger and a set of ARP head bolts to go with these injectors.

  *NOTE* There is a $171 Core Charge per an injector built into the price. If you send us your cores, you will be refunded the full amount per injector. (Total refund with all 6 cores is $1,026)


  Price after core refund: $3,349



  • Item #: 2225
  • Manufacturer: Caterpillar
  • Condition: Refurbished

Caterpillar Stage 2 Injectors 6 Pack

Price: $4,375.00
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